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December 18, 2014

“Love involves energy exchange. Love involves the flow of one stream of consciousness into another. Love is a creation of something new and different from the old. The old does not die in the process of love, it just becomes something new and different. That is also the process of living and dying.”

Excerpt From: Alan Stuart Graf. “I inhaled: Rantings, Ramblings and Ravings of a Hippie Lawyer.” iBooks. https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewBook?id=931300408



December 16, 2014

I just read about the slaughter of over 100 children in Pakistan--in the name of religion by the Taliban.  If this is what religion is about, can I say I hate religion. I hate fundamentalism, I despise the views of some that their way is righteous, righteous enough to justify the slaughter of children.  Is there any humanity, any heart, any justification for this? I understand that this was a tit for tat repaying of the slaughter of innocents by the Pakistani government.  But where does it end?  Where does it begin?   When will we as a species, race, people decide that enough is enough?   I am deeply saddened and my heart goes out to the families of these lost children. I pray that something will change, possibly within the internal wiring of the human race and stop this killing.  

Alan Graf



December 11, 2014

George Washington has been rumored to have said

    Should any American soldier be so base and infamous as to injure any [prisoner]..I do most  earnestly enjoin you to bring him to such severe and exemplary punishment as the enormity of the crime may require....for by such conduct they bring shame, disgrace and ruin to themselves and their country.  Washington's charge to the Northern Expeditionary Force, September 14, 1775

After the battle of Trento in December 1776,  Washington discovered that some of his troops were going to run some the British Empires mercenaries through the "gauntlet" and he intervened and issued the following order to his troops regarding prisoners of war:

Treat then with humanity, and let then have no reason to complain of our copying the brutal example of the British Army in their treatment of our unfortunate brethren who have fallen into their hands.

I thank an anonymous writer in the NY Times for the quote used above.

Many of us who are paying attention understand that these recent revelations about the CIA aren't anything new other than revealing that they have raised their level of immoral conduct to where there there is no level of misconduct or torture that cannot be justified.  These latest revelations are additions to a long line of bad deeds which include assassinations, interfering with elections and years of installing or keeping ruthless dictators in power who are friendly to "our interests."  The term "our interests" is really more associated with the interests of the mega-international corporations who are there to feed the addictive consumerism of the masses.  Around 1975, there was a great movie that was put out entitled "Three Days of the Condor" starring Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway.  In it the CIA puts out a hit on an entire building of lower CIA operatives.  Why?  Because these operatives discovered the bigger secret plan which was to manipulate Mid-East countries through assassinations, interfering with elections and keeping in power ruthless dictators in power.  At the end of the movie, Robert Redford, is about to enter the New York Times building and tell all.  A top CIA operative tells him basically that he shouldn't do this and points to all the people in the streets of Manhattan.  The operative tells Robert the following "these folks don't want to know what means we use to protect their interests--as long as the energy keeps flowing, they would rather be kept in the dark and allow us continue what we do."

Alan Graf


December 9, 2014

Today the long awaited report on CIA torture came out.  To anyone paying attention the details of torture by the CIA and their systematic lying to Congress, coverups and secret renditions are no surprise.  I guess the best part of this is that it is a government report admitting wrong doing.  In my book "I Inhaled, Rantings, Ramblings and Ravings of a Hippie Lawyer"  I have a chapter entitled We Beat the Nazis and They is Us."   Here is a section from that chapter:

In the process of fighting the Nazis, we became a little more like them.  I credit Stephen Gaskin for giving me this insight, and I agree.  We didn't have a CIA before World War II. After the War, our clandestine covert activities exploded.  Fueled by our sense of self-righteousness from being the good guys who won, we justified untold dirty deeds in Central America, destroying fledgling democracies in Guatemala (the unseating of Arbenz), and we supported and maintained ruthless military dictators in Nicaragua, Cuba and Iran (to mention a few).

So the development of the CIA to a secret unfettered untamed organization with an agenda all of its own fueled by a untouchable sense of self-righteousness, is something that has been going on, growing and being cultivated for a long, long time.  It always amazes me to see Western style broadcasters all sharing the basic unspoken assumption that we,  mostly white Western Civilization are the righteous amidst a planet of barbarians.  But pit one group's self-righteous and even religious based motivations against another, and you end up with a present day version of the Crusades.  This time though, the weaponry developed by those "righteous" Western Civilized folks with a history of being handed out like candy to ruthless dictators, now in the hands of whoever threw them from power exponentially raises the stakes of these global conflicts.  I wonder how long can hate endure?  A long, long time.  Nelson Mandela understood this concept probably better than most.  And he had justification for hating, but he understood, that fueling and feeding the hate was a never ending cycle that he chose to rise above and requested from his people the same. A true Tzaddick in the Jewish tradition. 

I applaud the New York Times editorial board for talking about full disclosure yet forgiveness.  But perhaps forgiveness is best given by the people most injured by the years of Western Imperialism and CIA torture--  The drone attacks, the smart bomb casualties, and the children who are listed as "collateral damage."  Can you forgive us as we ask

Oh CIA what have you done in our name?

Alan Graf


December 8, 2014

There have been times in the history of humanity, where, as Carl Jung would have put it, a groundswell of consciousness comes about.  In the dream state, at times we can all tap into the collective subconscious mind of humanity.  And the demonstrations against the police and ultimately against those who fund and empower the police are a manifestation of this collective subconscious.  This came about when Eastern Europe rebelled against its Soviet masters and the Berlin Wall came tumbling down.  There are those who play on the fears of the masses and use those fears to manipulate so that they can remain in power.  Only through our own efforts at raising our own self awareness, can we understand and empower ourselves to rise about the massvie manipulations.

The videos recently posted on Youtube of the police riots in Berkeley, bring us back full circle to the free speech movement in Berkeley almost a half a century ago. Those of us now getting older may feel worried that the world is not as stable as we would like it to be.  But stability is also a sign of stagnation and change, true fundamental change can only happen with a disturbance in the pond of collective consciousness.  Creativity and anarchy are close cousins while order and stability resist.


Alan Graf




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